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New underground tunnel launched in Kismayo

As the rainy season commenced in the country, there are several struggles made by Jubaland state government to protect people from floods.


It was yesterday when the mayor of Kismayo, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Yussuf (Timo Jilac) launched a tunnel that passes under the ground which will carry rain water from the streets of Kismayo and adds to the sea.

This is a great idea that will help everyone in Kismayo as it acts as a relief to the problems created by rain water which used to hinder the movement of people and vehicles across the town.


The mayor of Kismayo, Mr. Tima Jilac, thanked the Business companies that funded the project.

” this is a good step forward which will benefit the people of Kismayo as they have suffered the consequence of the heavy rainfall that hindered the movement of both vehicles and people” the mayor says.


” Now we have the solution to that problem with the help of the tunnel. I thank all the companies that took part in this project” he concludes.

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