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First eating competition takes place in Kismayo

Eating competition was not an interested part of sports in Somalia, though it contains humor and wide space of interaction among the community, which attracts the intention of many people.

The ministry of Youth and Sports of Jubaland state of Somalia held an eating competition for the youths in Kismayo.

The five neighborhoods of Kismayo, those are:

  • Alanley
  • Farjano
  • Shaqaalaha
  • Faanoole
  • Guul wade

The competition was very interesting as all the spectators were cheering the new kind of sports that arrived in their region.

The competition was about eating a half of watermelon that was sliced into suitable pieces. The person that finishes first will be undoubtedly crowned as the winner.


The Jubaland minister for Youth and Sports, Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Yusuf was present at the event, which made the contest to be more colorful.

wasiirka sportiga

qari mellon

Muktar Haji Abdullahi, who was representing Alanley neighborhood, appeared to the number one.

Kusow Abdullahi Abdikarim from Guul wade was number two and Hussein Osman from Farjano was the number three.

The winners were awarded with money through cheque by the minister for Youth and Sports.

This was the first time that eating competition took place in the Somali soil and Jubaland state introduced the interesting sports.

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