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Dadaab refugee camp mourn the death Abbas Siraji

Somalis in Dadaab Refugee Complex have called on the government to investigate the killing of former Public Works Minister Abbas Siraji himself a former refugee at the camp terming his murder ‘shocking and brutal’.


Most of the youths in Dadaab camps planted their hope in Abbas, wishing the best for him and congratulated him when he was named for the position he abandoned.

After the death tragedy, they all lost the hope they had in the new government of Somalia as they shared their feelings of disappointment on the social media.


In a statement Friday, the residents of the camp said President Mohamed Farmaajo jointly with Parliament should form a committee of inquiry into the killing of the minister whom they described as ‘inspirational and a role model’.

“We the entire youth of Dadaab Refugee Camps appeal to His Excellency the president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaakjo), Prime Miniser Hassan Ali Kheire and the two houses of parliament to set up an independent committee to investigate and get to the root cause of the horrific and brutal murder of the late minister,” the statement read in part.



President Farmaajo said Thursday he had ordered investigations into the killing of the minister adding the perpetrators must be brought to book. He also fired Auditor General Nur Farah a day after the latter declined a cabinet order to step aside to facilitate investigations into the matter.

A security guard attached to the former auditor general shot and killed the former minister at the entrance of Villa Somalia last Wednesday.

Siraj spent most of his life in Dadaab camp before proceeding to acquire a degree in computer science at University of Nairobi. He was elected MP during the 2016/17 elections and subsequently named minister in March.

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