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UN and Somalia sign $2.9b four year support framework

The UN will require close to $3 billion dollars to implement a four year support programme for Somalia, the global body has said.

The announcement follows the signing of the UN Strategic Framework for Somalia (UNSF) between the UN and Somali government Tuesday aimed at supporting Somalia’s development programme over the coming four years.

UN chief in Somalia Michael Keating aid the framework will be instrumental in providing targeted support to Somalia in a coordinated manner by all the 23 UN agencies in the country.

“The framework sets out how the UN will support Somalia, including in key areas such as achieving universal elections, strengthening the rule of law and improving governance,” Keating said. “It will guide our collective efforts to improve the quality of life and opportunities for all Somalis.”

A fact sheet from the UN in Somalia indicates that the global body will require $2.88 billion between 2017 and end of 2020 to actualize the UNSF. It notes however 40 per cent of the funds are available or projected to be available while 60 per cent is required to be mobilized.

The framework signed on behalf of Somalia by PM Hassan Khaire and Planning Minister Gamal Hassan covers five thematic areas namely; (1) Deepening federalism and state-building, supporting conflict resolution and reconciliation, and preparing for universal elections; (2) Supporting institutions to improve peace, security, justice, the rule of law and safety of Somalis; (3) Strengthening accountability and supporting institutions that protect; (4) Strengthening resilience of Somali institutions, society and population; (5) Supporting socio-economic opportunities for Somalis.

The framework has adapted gender equality and women’s empowerment, human rights, and youth engagement and empowerment as cross-cutting issues.

UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Peter de Clercq emphasized that, “the UNSF recognises past efforts, cements the close partnership between Somalia and the United Nations, and reiterates our commitment to working together for the delivery of tangible results to the Somali people.”

The UN Strategic Framework (UNSF) is a multi-year strategic plan to guide the UN’s work and articulates the UN’s collective strategy, commitments and actions in support of the Somali government’s development priorities and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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