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The Regional Governor held a consultative meeting with the Religious leaders

Muqdisho, 22 Feb, 2018: the Governor of Benadir, who also is the Mayor of Mogadishu H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has, under a consultative meeting with the Religious Leaders, calling on them to accelerate their role in peacebuilding and justice.

The Governor pointed out that the Somalias Religious Leaders are the foundation base for improving the justice system and the judiciary, and the important role they have played in the rescue, but now are expected to bring about the completion and lead to the realization of a society united to explore the development and collaboration.

“The Somali Religious Leaders are the eyes of our community, are the leaders of every aspect of the state for development, justice and security. The Benadir regional administration is committed to the promotion of the efforts of the clerics, and to sustain their commitment to the development of the Benadir community”.Said Governor Eng. Yarisow.

Following exchange of information on youth-oriented awareness plans and anti-radicalism, Governor Yarisow listened to the scholars he met, suggestions on raising the co-operation of the Regional and Religious Councils.

In conclusions of this meeting, the Religious clerics have brought to light, their impression on the meeting with the leadership of the state and prayed Allah to make it possible for them to succeed in the responsibility and hard work vested on them.

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