Swedish businessman calls for global investment in Jubaland


John Hanselisrrom, a Swedish businessman who spent three days in Kismayo has praised the progress of peace and development in Jubaland.

John, through his days in Jubaland, has tried to discover if Jubaland is a suitable and reliable place to invest as he met with representatives from JCCI, Jubaland Centre of Commercial and Industries in Kismayo. He also met with Ahmed Mohamed Islam, the president of Jubaland state of Somalia.

John Hanselisrrom held a press conference in Kismayo to air out and share with the world what he saw and met during his days in Kismayo.

John said that the land of Jubaland is a peaceful and conducive place for everyone. He recommended business persons to invest Jubaland.

He especially urged European business companies to invest and make use of the resources available in Jubaland.

Chairman of JCCI Mr. Shaafi Raabi Kaahin who took a lion’s share in John Hanselisrrom’s visit at Kismayo said that they will struggle to make sure Jubaland gets an international investment.

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