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President Farmajo; “US, Qatar Development Investment Pacts Cements our already strong partnership”

Mogadishu, Dec 6, 2017: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has acknowledged the US comprehensive bilateral development agreement as a remarkable partnership that builds on efforts and commitments towards aspirations for stability and prosperity.

The Development Objective Assistance agreement saw the USAID sign $300m development assistance pact with the Federal Government of Somalia.

“This is a clear indication that our partnership is getting stronger and better, it also proves our efforts and dedication towards peace and prosperity is reliable”

The president has also hailed Qatar’s tremendous contribution towards development in Somalia. The State of Qatar has through the Qatar Development Fund and Qatar Charity signed with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development landmark development projects at a cost of $200m.

“Thanks for the Investment cooperation and development assistance of this magnitude. It would help us not only rebuild, but also boost our economy. Infrastructure is key to economic development.”

Bilateral agreements of this scale validate the confidence our partners and the international community have in the Federal Government’s plans and ambitions for a better and prosperous Somalia.

“Investment in development projects worth $500m in a week marks a tremendous achievement. It means we are on the right path, we must sustain our gains and double our efforts towards stability and development.”

The US government has played a pivotal role in peace and stability efforts. The Federal Government of Somalia would build on the gains made in security and investment cooperation.


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