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President Farmajo announces judiciary shuffle

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has issued a series of amendments to the Supreme Court judges, following the recommendation from the Chairman of the Supreme Court Mr. Baashe Yusuf Ahmed.


Lawyers appointed by the President for the High Court of Justice are:

– Salah Sheikh Ibrahim Dhiblaawe.

–  Mohamed Omar Ahmed.

– Abdulkadir Moalin Mohamed.

–  Haydar Barqash Abukor.

–  Ahmed Ali Muse.

The President has taken over from the Court of Justice the following duties:

– Mr. Sheikh Abukar Osman Isse Dahir.

– Hon Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed.

– Mr. Mohamud Ahmed Farah.

– Mr. Sheikh Omar Adan Mohamed.

One of Farmajo’s major tasks in his presidency is reforming Somalia;s pre-civil war judicial structure to be applicable to Somalia’s federal system.

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