Minister confirms cholera outbreak in parts of Galmudug


It has now emerged that up to 7 people have so far died of cholera following an outbreak in areas under the jurisdiction of Galmudug State. Speaking in an interview with the VOA,


Galmudug State Minister for health Ali Dahir Eid confirmed the outbreak saying another 49 people were currently hospitalized with the highly contagious water borne disease.


“There is an outbreak in Abudwak, Bandiradley and Godoon districts in Mudug and Galgaduud regions” confirmed the Minister adding that they have notified the Federal Ministry of Health but no immediate response was received.


“We have notified the Federal government of Somalia about the grave health situation and we expect to receive their assistance although they did not respond to our messages so far” said the Minister.


The minister also confirmed alerting neighboring member States about the outbreak since as a communal society, the Somali people move from one place to another hence creating risks of an outbreak elsewhere. Minister Eid is currently attending an International health conference in The Hague.