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TERMS OF REFERENCES for Letter of Agreement (LOA Coordinator)

Federal Republic of Somalia Supreme Court TERMS OF REFERENCES for Letter of Agreement (LOA Coordinator)

Under the direct supervision of the President of the Supreme Court (or any other person he may delegate), the LOA coordinator will be responsible for the implementation and reporting against the LOA including producing narrative and financial reports that are in line with the provisions of the LOA. Specifically, the LOA coordinator should deliver the following results:

  1. Serve as the focal point for the SUPREME COURT’s collaboration with UNDP and specifically for the letter of agreement and other support.
  2. Coordinate and provide support to all Supreme Court activities indicated in the letter of agreement including the capacity building and justice delivery components.
  3. Coordinate and establish project work plans and schedules, review and evaluate progresses against work plans.
  4. Monitor progress of agreement implementation through close collaboration with all relevant people (consultants, interns, other government institutions, UNDP staff etc.), offer feedback and keep regular communication with all relevant people in the SUPREME COURT and UNDP.
  5. Track and analyze progress towards agreed outputs and activities as per the agreement with UNDP including regular monitoring of the delivery of consultants/advisors and graduate interns.
  6. Highlight risks and challenges that may hinder/delay implementation, and provide recommendations to address those risks and challenges.
  7. Design a simple reporting format for capturing progress against agreed deliverables to be used and produce quality narrative reports using the developed format.
  8. Be responsible for preparation of monthly, quarterly and ad hoc narrative reports on UNDP support to the SUPREME COURT.
  9. Produce robust financial reports against the support provided in the LOA with adequate supporting documents.
  10. Effectively manage the financial aspect of the Supreme Court meetings, workshops and trainings.
  11. Ensure all data collected and reported are dis-aggregated by sex.
  12. Be responsible for monitoring of and reporting against the steps taken to address institutional weaknesses.
  13. Lead and coordinate the preparation, review and finalization of project proposals, and concept notes as required by the Supreme Court.
  14. Ensure that gender issues are addressed in all documents and included in trainings and training materials.
  15. Ensure the organization and conducting of meetings/workshops/trainings by SUPREME COURT including preparation of quality meeting minutes and training/workshop reports.
  16. Document lessons learnt and best practices for use in future support on a monthly basis.
  17. Act as a facilitator or trainer and provide mentoring and training for staff in admin, finance, HR and procurement departments of the SUPREME COURT. 18. Provide mentoring and training to the graduate students deployed in the SUPREME COURT.
  18. Perform any other tasks as may be entrusted by the President of the Supreme Court from time to time.


  1. Demonstrates integrity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness in daily activities and behaviors.
  2. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
  3. Leads teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolutions skills.
  4. Demonstrates ability to share knowledge, mentor and coach people so as to transfer skills.
  5. Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.
  6. Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  7. Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexi

 Required Qualifications 

  • Advanced university degree in law form a recognized university.  At least 10-15 years of work/professional experience in the field of law or judiciary  Strong experience in operating Mobile Courts.   Fluency in English and Somali is required.


Interested candidates should send their application not later than 28 September, 2016.

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