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Date: 18 – 19 August 2018
Location: Addaado city, Galmudug State of Somalia


Today EFASOM concluded the 2-day education forum on gender equality in education and the importance to improve girls education and their enrolment and retention in schools, especially those girls living in the State of Galmudug of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The forum was held in Addaado city. The participants were from the civil society, youth, women, and the officials from the Government.

More discussions after, the participants indicated there are issues relate to the necessity of girls to do which obstacle girls enrollment/retention in schools if they are not helped:

The participants discussed the reason why the Government was not fully provided education services and the right to education for girls:

  1. There are some people, particularly the parents, do not bring their daughters to schools
  2. The Government does not have sufficient budget for education
  3. People in remote villages do not get public awareness and advocacy on the importance of education
  4. Somali rural people’s culture has direct impact on the girl disparity in education.


Abdirashid Ali Mohamed, member of the youth and the civil society explained reasons there not equality of boys and girls in education

  1. Girls mostly work at home and support of babysitters
  2. Early marriage that may cause girls to dropout, and the family believes that is a loss.
  3. Girls sometimes believe boys are better than girls
  4. Some parents believe boys can learn better than girls.


Ms. Ifrah, one of education stakeholders in the Region explained reason why girls are not given the chance to learn in rural and urban areas:

  1. Somali people in remote rural areas do not get the primary education services.
  2. There is a financial obstacle and that education is not free.
  3. Some mothers in rural areas do not allow their daughters to travel outside for education
  4. Some people in urban areas do not have sufficient financial support. For that reason they prefer boys to go to school rather than girls and the girls work at home.


Finally, the education forum was officially concluded by H. E. the District Commissioner of Addaado city, Mr. Abdirahman Abdulai Hussein. He stated that:

  1. The District of Addaado strives to promote the public awareness on education.
  2. Girls’ education level is lower because the people’s awareness on the importance of education is also low.
  3. Working mothers request their daughters to stay home and support family at home instead of going to school.


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