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Will Somali PM’s Soma Oil agenda going to be the beginning and the end of Farmajo’s administration?

Does Britain have a hidden agenda in the upcoming London conference? Are they taking advantage of the lack of institutions in Somalia?

Britain, being a colonial master, understands that the country has been faced with progressive clan balkanization. Britain also understands that in the Somali institutions, no one expects certain standards of behaviour from others; everyone in the public sector acts on narrow self-interest. The ongoing dilemmas and obstacles to progress in both the public and private sectors are really the result of the behaviour and attitudes of the entire pool of public servants, proxy government employees, the few well-connected entrepreneurs, journalists, civil society, and the traditional leaders. They seem to understand that they are dealing with, or for that matter,managing an entire new elite incapable of questioning anything.They also understand that Somali leaders are hardly concerned with economic policy implementation or enforcing governance benchmarks and constitutionalism.
Painful as it is, corrupt British leaders also understand that Somalia’s public servants, in particular, the so-called regional presidents – Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo), Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gas), Ali Abdullahi Osoble (Ali Amore), Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden (Sakin), and Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) – have little affinity for the type of clan pluralistic democratic practices and respect for fundamental human rights expected of them. But it is not without basis to say that this is occurring subtly while pandering to Western countries, in particular, Britain and its lobby to gain power and prestige. That leaves us Somali people stuck with utterly corrupt Western leaders – Rt Hon. The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC – who remain imprisoned by intellectual constructs that depict us Somalis as helpless victims for British elites and its organizations to rescue. It is striking that such a high achiever, Lord Howard,who often talks so loudly of the benefits of a strong foundation of democracy and liberty, has acted, in the case of Soma Oil & Gas, in a manner counter to his self-proclaimed title as one of the leading democratic persons.
Who is in charge in Somalia?Lord Howard or the Somali Parliament?

Having intact, well-run, informal clan institutions is nevertheless where the confusion begins, and it is clear that currently the contemporary system is in the hands of the clan system and is governed by that mindset. The government organization is a purely superficial set-up; it continues in the same vein as many other things in Somalia, which is “keeping up appearances”.Because of this confusion of the two systems, it is important that the clan representatives, the parliamentarians,dictate the terms in regards to the upcoming conference and its agenda (security, humanitarian development and political process, including Soma Oil& Gas) not Rt The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC, former Prime Minister David Cameron, incumbent Prime Minister Theresa Mayand their Somali cronies, former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the incumbent premier Hassan Ali Khaire. Actions on these utterly corrupt Somali and Britishleaders’ hidden agenda will lead to the perpetual suspicion of the London conference.
The blaming of Britain’s condescending behaviour rages on. But while it does, these historical missteps are not the sole causes of Somalia’s problems today. They cannot be reduced to a simple construct that merits blame. Western corrupt leaders and their organizations cannot be made responsible for the failure of the Somali system of governance to transform itself into a proper functioning system. What piffle this is. Meanwhile, public servants at every level have been taking the convenient and most expedient way out of a difficult time for the country. British leaders are deliberately thriving from such ugly and insulting double standard policies behind the scene.
It boggles the mind that the so-called populist leader, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo), supposedly concerned about shared values, goals, and responsibilities, can be so indifferent to the point where he strays from purer, defensive motives he claims to have had when he took over the government a month ago. This is an especially gripping drama when such populist leader continuously tries to signal his eagerness to collaborate with questionable double-standard foreign policies – the London Conference –which advances a few powerful corrupt British elites’ hidden principles and who often do not move away from on-size-fits-all prescriptions. The British elites’ actions always diminish any hope of probity, good work and involvement in the construction of independent Somalia.

In a nutshell, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (aka Farmaajo) together with Somali Parliamentarians should bring on board the below suggested honorable Somali individuals to take part in the upcoming conference in London so they can participate in the process. Somalia, the only failed state in the world, has never received guidance from their own home-grown leaders and experts, although it is in dire need of such an intervention. Input from these Somali high caliber individuals would be much more effective than the blatant corrupt Lord Howard and his Somali cronies who will eventually prove ineffective.In the event that the British government fails to invite the below mentioned Somali high caliber individuals to the upcoming conference, then I urge the Somali parliament (if any dignity is left in it)to boycott such events. The Somali parliamentarians should send a clear signal to the international community, in particular, the British government, that “Somalia is not for sale”.
Delegate Ali Mahdi MuhammadFormer President of Somalia Abgaal Mogadishu London
Delegate Abdiqasim Salad HassanFormer President of Somalia Habargedir Cairo London
Delegate Sharif Sheikh AhmedFormer President of Somalia Abgaal Abu Dhabi/Mogadishu London

Alternate Ali Khalif GaleydhFormer Prime Minister of Somalia Dhulbahante Lascanod London
Alternate Hassan Abshir Farah Majertein Mogadishu London
Alternate Nur Hassan Hussein (Adde) Abgaal London London
Alternate Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Marehan Cairo/Nairobi London
Alternate Mohamed Abdi YusufFormer Prime Minister Ortoble Mogadishu London
Alternate Salim Aliyow IbrowFormer Acting Prime Minister Jiido Mogadishu/Sydney London
Alternate Amb. Abdullahi Sheikh IsmaelFormer Ambassador to Tunisia and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Biimaal Mogadishu London

Adviser Abdiaziz Mohamud MohamedReform Alliance for Justice and Openness ( RAJO ) Majertein Bosasso/ Mogadishu London
Adviser Ahmed Ma’alin FiqiDaljir Party Habargedir Mogadishu/Adaado London
Adviser Abdi Ismael SamantarHiil Qaran Party Gadubursi Pretoria/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Nur TarzanJustice & Community Party Ojeejeen Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdirahman Abdishakur WarsameWadajir Party Habargedir Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdirahman BaadiyowNational Unity Party Abgaal Mogadishu London

Adviser Abdullahi Ahmed AddouFormer Ambassador to US and Former Minister of Finance Habargedir Virginia/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Yusuf WeyrahFormer Minister of Finance Majertein Qardho London
Adviser Abdullahi Osoble SiadFormer Minister of Telecom Hawadle London London
Adviser Abdullahi WarsameFormer Minister of Revenue Abgaal Columbus London
Adviser Abdulkadir Aden Mohamed (Jingeli)Former Chairman of Development Bank Marehan Seattle London
Adviser Yusur AbrarFormer Governor of Central Bank Gadubursi Columbus London

Adviser Mona Al-SharmaniSenior Associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Somali Arab New York London
Adviser Ismail Mahmud Hurre (Buubaa)Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Amb. Fadumo Issak BihiFormer Ambassador to Switzerland Marehan Columbus London
Adviser Amb. Said Mohamed Haji (Dhere)Former Ambassador to France Dhulbahante Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Mohamed Haji NurFormer Ambassador to United States of America Dhulbahante Virginia London
Adviser Shamso Mohamed Haji (Dhere)Former Ambassador to Arab League Dhulbahante Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Mohamud Mohamed TifowAmbassador to Germany Abgaal Berlin/Mogadishu London
Adviser Amb. Isse DhereFormer Ambassador to Iraq Abgaal Mogadishu London
Adviser Hussein Ali Duale (Awil)Former Ambassador to Kenya Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Mohammed Ahmed AwilFormer ambassador to China Sure Nairobi/Mogadishu London

Adviser Gen. Muse Hassan Sheikh AbdulleFormer General Ogaden Mogadishu London
Adviser Gen. Mohamed SalahFormer General Murursade Virginia/Mogadishu London
Adviser Mohamed Ali SharmanFormer General Somali Arab Arizona London
Adviser Mohamed Adan BihiFormer General Marehan Ottawa/Mogadishu London

Adviser Prof. Mohamed Haji Mukhtar Leysaan Savannah London
Adviser Prof. Mohamed Kasim Munye Reer Barava Toronto London
Adviser Mohamud Ali Geldon Warsangeli Wisconsin London
Adviser Prof. Afyare Abdi Elmi Hawadle Qatar London
Adviser Hamdi Mohamed, PhD Marehan Ottawa/Mogadishu London
Adviser Prof. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed Hawadle Columbus London
Adviser Abdinur Sheikh Abdisalam O’Mohamud Marehan Toronto London
Adviser Eng. Faisal Roble Geri Kombe Los Angeles London
Adviser Liban Muse Boqor (Son of the late King of Haji Muse) Majertein Toronto/Dubai London
Adviser Mohamed Ali Geldon Warsangeli Minneapolis London
Adviser Abukar Arman Somali Arab Columbus London
Adviser Omer Addou Habargedir Stockholm/Mogadishu London
Adviser Abdihalim Abdirahman Dhulbahante Connecticut London

Adviser Asha Gelle DirieFormer Chairperson of the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission Majertein Garowe London
Adviser Rakiya OmaarDirector of the Human Rights Organization Africa Watch Issak Hargeisa London
Adviser Faduma Omar HashiFormer Chairwomen Somali Women’s Organization and former Somali Parliament Member Others Virginia London
Adviser Raqia Haji Du’aleFormer Deputy Minister of Health Issak Virginia London
Adviser Dr. Hawa Abdi DhiblaweDr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF) Xaskul Hawiye Mogadishu London
Adviser Hawo Aden MohamedKalkacyo Education Center for Peace and Development Majertein Kalkacyo London
Adviser Fatima JibrellExecutive Director of the Horn of Africa Relief and Development Warsangeli Baran London
Adviser Halima Jama AfrahMember of IFCC Marehan Mogadishu London
Adviser Fartun Abdisalam Haji AdanElman Peace and Human Rights Center Habargedir Mogadishu London

Abdirazak Fartaag, is the Chief Executive Officer at Fartaag Research & Consulting, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He can be reached at:


Will Somalia’s new large cabinet help govt’s spending cutdown plan?

Meanwhile, fears are growing that many of the new ministerial portfolios in addition to the existing deputy ministers would translate into several budgets for ministries and parastatals alike, as each would have to co-manage the national budget.

By Judy Maina,

NAIROBI – On Tuesday, Somalia’s new prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire has unveiled his new cabinet, one of the largest the impoverished horn of Africa nation ever had. However, questions remain whether it will it help the country’s political scene characterized by new leadership, transitory governments and promises to root out corruption.

Once elected, president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has promised his government would cut down government spending to help efforts to boost the country’s economy. However, it remains unclear whether the new large-cabinet will help his long-touted ‘saving’ policy. But if the ministers are able to deliver on the promises of Mr. Mohamed, the criticism would dip in favour of the government.

Meanwhile, fears are growing that many of the new ministerial portfolios in addition to the existing deputy ministers would translate into several budgets for ministries and parastatals alike, as each would have to co-manage the national budget.

Announcing his cabinet, prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire vowed his government would ‘change’ the government’s old working system by bringing in a strict accountability, something that his predecessors failed to deliver.

In Somalia, ministerial positions are seen to be the most lucrative and quick richness businesses owing to lack of accountability and strict reform in a country which is considered to be an accountability free-zone.

Mr. Khaire also called his cabinet ‘technocrats’ , however, it remains unclear whether they’ll help efforts by the new leadership to enact a key reforms, including measures to tackle purported graft within the public sector.

Promising to root out corruption, Mr. Khaire has also noted that all new ministers would be required to ‘fully’ disclose their assets and sign a code of ethics in order to improve transparency.’, something hailed by the large parts of the public.


To impose an effective anti-corruption measures, political experts recommended the new prime minister to establish an Anti-Corruption Commission with the power to carry out formal investigations and to review government decisions and protocols so as to monitor all activities by public officials more closely.

Furthermore, experts also suggested for Mr. Khaire to prohibit unnecessary trips abroad by members of government, with all travels by ministers would have to secure the Prime Minister’s consent.

Somalia’s opposition parties appear nonchalant with the new oversized cabinet, however, the debate on what the future holds has been trending on social media and at some point has slipped more in a negative direction.

According to Jacob Moses, a horn of Africa political expert based in Nairobi, a 67-member cabinet seems to be a ‘parsimonious’ move for Somalia due to estimated costs involved and inefficiency that may follow, with ministers and their deputies would receive monthly salaries between $7000 – $4,000 in addition to at least two cars, free fuel, a house, free utilities and personal protection at exceptionally more challenging time that the country faces one of the worst droughts in history.

In the new cabinet, women represent 23 percent in the new cabinet while the diaspora secure 60 percent of the portfolios, according the leading local Somalian radio station, Dalsan.

With only 12 million population, the new large-sized Somalia cabinet arguably makes it second African nation with the second largest cabinet ministers, After Ghana, which has a 27 million population.

This week, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo, who promised to cut superfluous government spending, has appointed an “elephant size” government of 110 ministers.

Following from the new wave of ministerial intake, the agriculture ministry now boasts a minister, a minister of state and three deputies. Four other ministries also have three deputies and a minister, according to UK’s Independent newspaper.

(Additional reporting and editing by John Thiongo)

Shaqada Iyo Ajendayaasha Kalfadhiga 1aad Ee Labada Aqal Ee Baarlamaanka Federaalka Ah Oo Dhameystiran

Baarlamaanka federaalka ah Labadiisa aqal ee golaha shacabka iyo golaha aqalka Sare, waxaa ay soo gabagabeeyeen wejigii hore ee kalfadhigooda 1aad, oo hadda aqal waliba waxaa uu leeyahay guddoon, waxaa kaloo ay si wadajir ah u doorteen madaxweynaha federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullahi Farmaajo.

Hadaba, waxaan halkan ku soo gudbin doonnaa, shaqada sida gaar ah looga sugayo mid walba iyo waxyaabaha laga yaabo in ay qabtaan inta aanu kalfadhigan dhammaan.

Golaha Shacabka:

Golaha Shacabka ee baarlamaanka federaalka ah, waxaa laga sugayaa maalmaha soo socda Labo shaqo oo muhiim ah, shaqo cusub oo la doonayo in ay qabtaan iyo shaqo qabyo ah oo looga fadhiyo in ay dhameystiraan.

Shaqada Cusub Ee Golaha Shacabka:

  1. Dib u habeynta xeer-hoosaadka golaha shacabka, si uu ula jaan-qaado baarlamaanka 10-naad.
  2. Sameynta Istaraatiijiyaddii uu golaha shacabka ku howlgeli lahaa muddada soo socota.
  3. Dhismaha guddiyada joogtada ah ee golaha shacabka, oo hadda Xildhibaan walba la siiyay fursad uu ku soo doorto sadex(3) guddi uu xiisaynayo in uu ka shaqeeyo, si midkood loogu daro.
  4. Hortabinta guddoonka iyo guddiyadaas in ay la shaqeeyaan ciddii ay shaqadooda khuseysay.
  5. Niidaaminta iyo dhameystirka heykalka golaha shacabka.
  6. Ansixinta Miisaaniyadda
  7. Ansixinta ra’isul wasaaraha iyo xukuumadda federaalka ah ee dhawaan la filayo

Shaqo Dhameystir u Baahan:

  1. Dib u eegista dastuurka KMG ah
  2. Dhismaha xubnaha guddiga adeegga garsoorka
  3. Sameynta xubnaha maxkamadda dastuuriga ah
  4. Dhismaha xubnaha guddiga madaxa bannaan ee xuquuqul Insaanka
  5. Dhismaha guddiga la dagaalanka Musuqa
  6. Dhismaha guddiga adeegga baarlamaanka
  7. Dhismaha hey’adda ama guddiga isgaarsiinta
  8. Sharciga Kheyraadka Biyaha
  9. Sharciga Xuquuqda siyaasiyiinta
  10. Sharciga Maareynta Kaalmaha Shidaalka
  11. Sharciga Miinada iyo waxyaabaha qarxa
  12. Sharciga la fahmi waayey oo loogu yeero la dagaalanka argigixisada

Waxaa xusid mudan in golaha shacabka laga sugayo sidoo kale in ay ansixiyaan xisaab-xirka miisaaniyaddii 2015-ka, waxaa kaloo muhiim ah in ay umadda u sheegaan halkee laga keenay lacagta ay dowladda ku shaqeyso xilligan la joogo mar haddii miisaaniyaddii hore dhammaatay December 31, 2016-kii?

Aqalka Sare

Aqalka Sare, waa aqal cusub oo ku soo biiray baarlamaanka federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya, illaa iyo hadda waxaa uu si gaar ah u yeehay afar(4) kulan, sida kulankii lagu furay aqalka, kulan ay guddi doorasho ku dhisteen, waxaa xigay khudbado jeedinta iyo kulankii ay guddoonka ku doorteen.

Aqalkan lagama arko wax dar-dar ah, dad badan ayaa ku doodaya in aqalkan aan loo baahneen, oo waqti iyo hanti lumis uu yahay, waxaa laga rabaa in dadkaasi shakisan ay ugu jawaabaan shaqo iyo wax-qabad ka duwan midda uu hayo  golaha shacbaka, taasina illaa iyo hadda ma muuqato.

Inta aanu kalfadhigan dhamaan, waa aqalka sare laga sugayaa dhowr arrin:

  1. Sameynta Xeer-hoosaadka aqalka sare
  2. Shaqo qoris iyo in aqalka uu shaqaale yeesho.
  3. In ay ka hadlaan Ammaanka aqalka sare ciidanka sugaya, Ma Soomaali mise Ajnabi.
  4. Intaasi kadib, waxaa sugaya dhismaha guddiyada joogtada ah ee aqalka sare, oo dood ka taagan tahay tiradooda iyo shaqada ay tahay in ay qabtaan?
  5. Haddii ay ka gaaraan, waxaa laga doonayaa in kalfadhigan inta aanu dhamaan ay ka hadlaan dhowr arin sida: arrimaha dastuurka, miisaaniyadda

Dhinaca kale, Aqalka sare waxaa ay cod ku yeelan doonaan: Ka-qayb-qaadashada nidaamka lagu magacaabayo xubnaha soo socda ee hay’adaha Dawladda ee soo socda si waafaqsan Dastuurkan:

  1. Xubnaha Golaha Adeegga Garsoorka.
  1. Guddoomiyaha iyo Garsoorayaasha Maxkamadda Dastuuriga ah.
  1. Xubnaha Guddiga Qaranka ee Madax-bannaan ee Doorashooyinka.
  1. Xubnaha Guddiga Xuduudaha iyo Federaalaynta.
  1. Xubnaha Guddiga Xalinta Khilaafaadka.

Ogow Mar labaad inaad i Legeddo mid aan kaa yeeli doono maaha !!!!.

Waxaad tahay gumeysi madow oo aan marnaba ii jiir naxeyn, asalka iyo magaca Soomaaliyeedna cadow u ah, maxaa yeelay waxaad xoog iyo xeelad ku heysataa qeyb ka mid ah jirkeyga, taas oo ay kuu sahleen sababteedana lahaayeen boqortooyadii ingiriiska iyo caada qaatayaal Soomaaliyeed oo weli ilmahoodii lagu tuhmayo in howshii gumeysi taageeridda aheyd ay halkoodii ka sii wadaan!.

Naceybka aad u qabto magaca Soomaaliyeed, waxaa ka marqaati kacaya xasuuqii Wagaala ee aad ku leysay in ka badan shan kun oo qof ( 5000 ) oo Soomaali ah isuguna jiray haween, carruur iyo waayeello aan dhaqaaqi karin oo qaarkood ay indha la’aayeen, taasoo ah xuma aad geysatay oo kuu keydsan.

Iyada oo godobtaasi ay meesha kuu taallo, oo aanada iyo dakanada nuucaas ihi aanay marnaba kaa hareynin, ayaad haddana iska dhaadhicisay damaca ah «Berriga hanataye baddana ku darso dad kaa difaacan kara meesha ma joogaane» taasi oo ah riyo maalmeed aan weligeed kuu rumoobi doonin.
Suura gal maaha in ay ciidamadaadu gurigeyga hor dhoobnaadaan, adiga oo i leh cadow baan kaa difaacayaa damacaaga qarsoonna uu yahay inaad qeyb ka mid ah gurigeyga aad xoog iyo xeelad ku qaadato, adiga oo si hoose u la heshiinaya caada qaate ila dhashay oo aan dareen waddaniyadeed laheyne dhuunta un wax ka maqla.

Aad iyo aad bey u xanuun badan tahay maanta oo isniin ah taariikhduna ay tahay 19ka Sebteember in aan isla fuulno maxkamad caalami ah, adiga oo igu heysta lahaanshaha biyaha ubbadeyda ku jira ee aan anigu leeyahay inaad muran gelisana ay muuq egtahay un « Ku qabso ku qadi meyside».

Haddaba go’aanka waddaniga Soomaaliyeed wuxuu yahay:- baddayda anaa iska leh, beec iyo boob midna u ma oggoli, in kiis ku saabsan baddeyda miiska la soo saarana micnaheedu waa shaarkaaga ayaan kula leeyahay, sidaa darteed Maxkamadda maanta furmeysa, haddii xataa ay dowladda Soomaaliyeed ku guuleysan weydo waddaniga soomaaliyeed waxba kama dhintaan dhulkuna bad iyo berriba waa un kiisii.

Caleenta jaadka ah oo dhowr maalmood lagaa joojiyay baad u adkeysan weyday oo ay cabaadkaagu dunida la yaabtay ee haddii aad ka hari weyso damaca waalan ee ku hagaya u diyaar garow dagaal iyo cunaqabateyn intaa ka sii badan, midka caada qaataha ah ee howshan kuu fududeeyayna waa qaran dumis ay sugeyso maxkamad sharci ah oo ay dadka soomaaliyeed ku qaadaan goor ay noqotaba, adiguna waxaan kaaga tagayaa « Horay baad ii legedday ee laabta ku sii heyso inaanan kaa yeeli doonin inaad mar labaad i legeddo!».

Bashiir Cali Xuseen

SOMAALI MAXAA XAL U AH? W/Q Imam Hassan Jaamici

Somali badan ayaa aaminsan qorshaha Soomaaliya laga leeyahay waa in laga fogeeyaa diinteeda Islaamka si ayan u helin raxmad Ilaahey oo ay ku degi laheyd. Waxaa lagu mashquuliyey nidaamyo shisheeye oo ah qabyaalad inay wax ku qeybsadaan oo waddankooda kala qeyb qeybiyaan oo xuduudo been been kala sameystaan oo shisheeyaha isu dhiibaan oo ay adduun iyo kursi ay Soomaali weyn ku iib geeyaan.

Ilaahey Albaabada xalka (nabad, midnimo iyo dowlad madax banaan) wuu noo furi lahaa (shardi) haddii Soomaali Ilaahey OO KELIYA u wada noqon lahaayeen iyagoo gacmaha is wada heysta oo xariga Ilaahey ( Kitaabka Quraan iyo Sunada) ay qabsan lahaayeen oo ay sii deyn lahaayeen nidaamyada shisheeye oo 26 sano na lug gooyey. Taasi waa macnaha guud tafsiirka aayadaha hoos ku qoran ee suuradda Al-Acraaf.

( ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون ( 96 ) أفأمن أهل القرى أن يأتيهم بأسنا بياتا وهم نائمون ( 97 ) أوأمن أهل القرى أن يأتيهم بأسنا ضحى وهم يلعبون ( 98 ) أفأمنوا مكر الله فلا يأمن مكر الله إلا القوم الخاسرون ( 99 ) )

Micnaha guud oo af Soomaali:

96. Ummad meel degan haddii ay Ilaahey keliya rumeyn lahaayeen oo ay ka cabsan lahaayeen isaga kaliya (oo ayan ka cabsan awoodaha ku wareegsan ama wixii shareecada ka hor imaanaya) wuxuu Ilaahey u fur furi doonaa raxmada iyo barakada Ilaahey oo kor (roob barwaaqo wato oo aan cadaab ahey) iyo dhulka (beero iyo xoolo caafimaad iyo barwaaqo) oo micnaheeda tahay nolol lagu dago ( nabad, caano, xasiloonni, amni iyo kala dambeyn iyo dowladnimo ). Laakiin markay diideen ku dhaqanka shareecada (oo ay qaateen dhaqamad xun xun sida Zinada, Khamriga iyo Darooga, Musuqmaasuqa) taasoo u horseeday halaag (amni daro, kala qeybsanaan, dayac, cuqubo joogto, dowlad la’aan, iska daba wareeg iyo tawfiiq iyo nasasho la’aan) oo iyaga gacamahooda sabab u ah.

97. Ma waysan ka cabsanayn inuu Ilaahey halaago iyadoo habeen ay tahay oo hurdo ku jira ( ka dib markay diideen ku dhaqan diintiisa) ama
98. Ma waysan ka cabsaneyn inuu Ilaahey uu halaago maalin cad iyagoo tumanayo ( rag iyo haween oo xaaraanta ku dhex jira).

99. Ma waxay halmaameen inuu Ilaahey halaagi karo macsi darteeda, ruux khasaaray (adduun iyo aakhiro ) ayaa hilmaama awoodaha ilaahey uu dadka ku halaago markay xeerarkiisa ay diidaan. (Imaam Xasan Albasry wuxuu yiray: Waxaa raaxo iyo amni been been ah dareema isagoo macsi ku jira ruux khasaaray adduun iyo aakhiro.


Shareecada Islaamka haddii si sax loo hirgeliyo waxaa la helayaa:

1. Dal, dowlada iyo dad madaxbanaan
2. Midnimo iyo Soomaali weyn oo xuduud kala laheyn
3. Raxmad ilaahey oo keeni doonto nabad, barwaaqo iyo horumar kala joogsi laheyn

4. Walaanimo iyo is jeceyl kala go’o laheyn oo Ilaahey keenaya
5. Awood iyo heybad ay naga heybeystaan cadawgeena

Imam/Director Hassan Mohamud (Xasan Jaamici), J.D.& Ph.D. in Islamic Studies.
Professor of Islamic University of Minnesota
Islamic Dawah Center/Minnesota Dawah Institute
478 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55103
Tel. 612-229-9483
Tel. 651-224-6722
Tel. 651-917-0633

Qarax ka dhacay Dulleedka Kismaayo iyo dhimasho ka dhalatay…

Saddex qof oo shacab ah ayaa geeridooday kadib markii ay maanta miino la qaraxday baabuur rayid ah oo ka yimid dhanka deegaanada Gosha kuna sii jeeday magaalada Kismaayo.

Baabuurka ay miinada la qaraxday oo ah nooca Mini Buska ayaa waxaa uu khudaar u waday magaalada Kismaayo.

Dadka dhintay ayaa isugu jira darawalkii gaariga iyo labo qof oo shacab ah.

Goobta gaariga ay miinada kula qaraxday oo ah Deegaanka Wirkooy oo 40 Km dhanka Waqooyiga uga beegab magaalada Kismaayo ayaa waxaa maanta ka dhacay dagaal u dhaxeeyay Al-Shabab iyo ciidamada Jubbaland.

MAQAAL: Sii Joogista Madaxtooyada Iyo Musharaxnimada Xassan Shiikh Maxamuud Waa Khalad Huwan Indha’adayg.

Waxaan jeclahay in aan qormadaan cinwaanka sare leh oo aan la wadaagayo bulshaweynta Soomaaliyeed in aan ku bilaabo maahmaahda Soomaalida oo tiraahda(ISMOOG WELI AQLKII BAY ASLAYSAA).Waa haweeynay la furay oo aan dalqadahii iyyadu maqal oo intii saygeedii furiinku ka dhacay oo aan soo gaarin looga soo hormaray oo iyyada oo aqalkii aslaysa ama rinjiyeynaysa la arkay laguna yiri ereyada kor ku qoran.

Waxaan ku baranay Madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya ee mudadu ka dhammaatay 10/09/2016 arimaha hoos ku qoran;

1-Waxqab la,aan aan wixii uu balan qaaday taako ka fulin sida;-

Amnixumo mareysa meeshii ugu sareysay ,18 weriye iyo 30 xildhibaan oo qaar isaga lagu tuhunsan yahay baa lagu laayey Xamar inta uu xilka hayey,shacbigana cidba ma tirakooban la laayey ama halaagsamahy.
2-Isbitaaladu waa lacag oo qofka xanuunsada meel uu u kaco oo caafimaad u aado malaha.

3-Iskuuladu waa lacag oo danyarta Illaah baa u maqan.

4-Maamulo is qaldan u samaysmay oo aan dawlada dhexe hoos imaan,bal eega Hiiraan iyo shabeelaha dhexe markii uu sanad ku dhawaad qoorta isku geliyey,ayuu ku wareejiyey Igad,aaway dadkii Soomaaliyeed iyo madaxbanaanidii qaranku?

5-Wuxuu ku fashilmay in uu Dalka doorasho ka sameeyo inta aan waqtigu ka dhammaan,intii uu lahaa kursiga sii joog oo hawlaha loo idmaday uu hagardaaminayey waqtiga ka sii dhammaanaya ma ka fakaray iyo qodobka 194 ee tastuurka?

Fadlan Xasan Madaxweyne intaas nagu filan(enough is enough) adiga iyo risawasaarahaaga mar nadaaya ,musharaxnimadana ka tanaasula waan idin baranay,waqti danbe oo dhumana uma baahna shacbiga Soomaaliya,mida kale waa qiyaano Xassan wax ka og yahay baaqa Gobolada Waqooyi ka yimid ee IGAD ku socday iyo Siilaanyo oo la yiri Xamar buu ku soo socdaa,inta masuuliinta Soomaaliya lagu xiro Hargeysa see Siilaanyo u soo haweystay Mogadhishow? Ma toobadkeenay?

Waxaan la fiirsan Karin afarta Madaxweyne ee na loogu talagalay in ay cadaw noo gacangeliyaan.Axsaabta iyo wax garadka ha ka banaanbexeen arintaas oo yaan marna loo dulqaadan ,Haddii kale Soomaaliya waa ku daysay oo inta maamul hadda jirta bay u kala go,aysaa,waxaana ku xigta in cadawgeedu saas kula wareedgo

Wabilaahi Tawfiiq

Cabdullaahi Jimcaale Faarax
London, UK

MAQAAL: Baddii Soomaliya oo Faraha ka baxday.

Axmed Cali kaariye oo ah garyaqaan Soomaali ah ayaa ka hadlay xaalada bada Soomaaliya ee muranka ay galisay Kenya, sida uu wax u sharaxay, damaca Keenya wuxuu galay waayadii shirarka loogu qabanaayey Soomalida gudaha Keenya oo ay arkeen taya xumada dadka Soomaliya horboodaaya,in ay yihiin kuwo dhan kasta u jilicsan oo aad u liita.

si kastaba aaha ahaatee waayadii Shariif Shiikh Axmed iyo Cumar cabdirashiid bay Keenya la Soo shaacbaxday in ay sheegato qaybo ka mid ah bada Soomaaliya,kadib markii ay isla gaareen masuuliintaas iyo dawlada Keenya wax ay ku tilmaameen heshiis isfagarad in laga wada hadlo in ay keenya durugsan karto biyo badeedkeeda.

Arintaas waxaa ku baraarugay shacbiga Soomaalida oo ka dhiidhiyey cadaadis xoglehna ku saaray dawlada in ay deg deg uga noqoto ,taas oo sababtay in baarlamaankii ku meelgaarga ahaa wuu go,aan ka soo saaro in heshiiskaasu yahay wax kama jiraan,kadiba resumasaarihii markaas ee ahaa Maxamed Cabdullahi Farmaajo ayaa warqad u qoray qaramada midoobay in aan heshiiskaas lagu dhaqmi Karin,qaramada midoobay way laashay ayada oo ku tilmaantay heshiiskaas wax kama jiraan.

Mar kale keenya waxaa u suuroobay in ay ka heshay Xassan Shiikh Maxamuud in uu warqad u qoro ,qaramada middobayna oo ku dhaho waa laga wada hadli karaa xuduudbadeedka Soomaliya iyo keenya,cara labaad baa ka timid shacbiga Soomaaliya waxaana lagu cadaadiyey dawlada Xassan Shiikh in ay arintaas dacwada ka gudbiso,dacwadaas oo soomaaliya u gudbisay maxkamada adduunka bishii saddexaad 2014,ayada oo Keenya mudo loo qabtay ay ku soo gudbiso dacwadeeda,.Keenya weydiiday dacwad in laga furo maxkamada ,waxayna ku andacootay wada hadal siyaasadeed baa noo socda annaga iyo Soomaaliya,sidaas darteed dacwadayada oo wada fiican haysata,waxaa heshiis wada gaaray labada wasiir dibadeed ee Keenaya iyo Sooaamliya ayaa heshiis wada gaaray ay qodabadiisa ka mid ahayd in wada xaajood lagu dhameeyo arinta muranka labada dal.

Mar kale taariikhdu markii ay ahayd bishii afraad 2016 Resulwasaare Cumar Cabdirashiid Urhuru Kenyaataha Keenya ayaa warqad ka saxiixay in la soo nooleeyo Gudigii wadaxaajoodka labada dal ee muranka xuduuda badda.

Arintaas waxaa qayb ka qaatay inta aan garanaayo raga hoos ku qoran;-

Shiikh Shariif Shiikh Axmed
Xassan Shiikh Maxamuud
Cumar Cabdirashiid Cali
Cabdiraxmaan Cabdishakuur
Cabdisalaan Cumar Hadliye

Ragaan dhamaantood waxay yihiin musharash madaxweynaha mustaqbalka mid mooyaane, waana rag mudan in Xeerilaaliya Guud ee qaraanku ku soo oogo danbiilayaal qaa,inu wadaniyiin ah (criminals against flag) maadaama uu jirin garyaqaankii guud ee qaranka Soomaaliyeed waxaa xilkaas saran yahay xeerilaaliyaha.Shacbiga Soomaaliyeed waxaa la gudboon in meel kasta oo ay joogaan ka mudaharaadaan,kuna cadaadiyaan sharciga in ragaan maxkamad la horkeeno masuuliyad ay qaranka ka qabtaana laga dheereeyo, Haddii kale qaranka Soomaaliya adduunyada maabkeed keeda waa ka baxayaa ayyada oo lagu doorsaday nacfi yar,waayo mar kasta oo guushu dhankeena u soo dhawaato maxaa ku kalifaayey in ay xagal daaciyaan dacwadayada sow ma muuqato daneysi gaar ahaaneed (personal interest),waxaa la mid ah gudifaaca qaranka ee baarlamaanka Haddii ayyan shacbiga ka qancin arintaan oo ayyan tilaabo qaadin. dhegayso Garyaqaan Axmed cali Kaariye.

Wabilaahi Tawfiiq

Cabdullaahi Jimcaale Faarax
London UK

Faallo: Wajiyo Kala Duwan & Aragtiyo Isku Mid Ah !

Billaabashada ole olaha doorashooyinka madaxtinimo waxa uu ka dhigan yahay soo if bixidda aragtiyo iyo hiraallo kala duwan oo cod bixiyayaasha shacabka sida dadban u matalaya siiya xulashooyin ay ku kala doortaan murshaxiinta u taagan xilka madaxwenaha Soomaaliya hogaamin doona Afarta sano ee soo socota.

Caqabadda ugu weyn ee murashaxa madaxtinimo qabsan doonta ayaa ah sida uu wakiillada dadban ee shacabka ugu qancin lahaa in uu isagu yahay shaqsiga xilkan ku habboon isaga oo aan soo bandhigin qorshe ka duwan kan marashaxiinta isaga la midka ah ay la soo shir tageen.

Murashaxiinta aan wareystay iyo kuwa aan aragtiyadooda aqriyayba wali kuma arag qorshe qaran oo loo riyaaqo oo taabanaya nolosha shacabka Soomaaliyeed, marka laga reebo erayo waaweyn oo mararka qaar in la fasiro ay ku adagtahay bulshada inteeda kale oo aan haba yaraatee ka turjumeynin baahida ummadda ay doonayaan in ay xukumaan.

Inkasta oo aysan shacabku ahayn cidda wax soo dooran doonta oo qiimeyntoodu aysan wax badan ka baddaleynin ciyaarta siyaasadeed ee ergada ka billaabata kadibna odayaasha soo marta, xildhibaannadana ku dhamaata haddane, waxa ay  xaq ugu leeyihiin in ay ogaadaan barnaamijyada siyaasadeed- haddiiba ay jiraan- oo qorshayaashu aysan ku ekaan Afarta sano ee soo socota oo kaliya.

Tartanka is muujinta ah ee iminkaba billowday ayaa ku qotoma qorshayaal, aragtiyo iyo mabaadi’ isku mid ah oo is barbar socda, taas oo maskaxdaada ku soo ridaya su’aasha ah: Haddiiba isku aragti laga yahay hoggaaminta dalka -waaba haddii ay aragti jirtee- maxaa loogu baahday in la tartamo? Tusaale ahaan; qorshayaasha ammaanka ee ilaa iyo iminka ay murashaxiintu soo bandhigeen waxa ay ku qotomaan Dhisme ciidan qaran oo hanan kara ammaanka dalka Balse, midkoodna ma hayo jawaabta su’aasha ah sidee? Ma jiro musharax soo bandhigay qorshaha ay ciidamada nabad ilaalinta midowga Afrika ee AMISOM  dalka uga baxayaan.

Sidaasi si la mid ah shaqo la’aanta, dhaqaalaha iyo deymaha Soomaaliya lagu leeyahay oo gaaraya ilaa shan bilyan oo Doollar, Federaalka, Soomaaliland iyo arrimaha kale ee sida tooska ah u taabanaya nolosha bulshada.

Hal ku dhigyada ayaa iyana isku mid ah sida inuusanba Af-Soomaaligu ku filleyn in la kala erayo duwanaado xitaa haddii uusan fekerku kala duwanayn. Erayada; Caddaalad, Sinnaan, Horumar, Nabad iyo kuwa lamid ah ayaa ku soo laalaabta boorarka waaweyn ee Muqdisho iyo baraha bulshada Internetkaba lagu sharraxay balse Wajiyadu waa kala duwan yihiin.

Marka si guud loo eego tartanka hordhaca ah ee warbaahinta ka socda waxa uu u dhaxeeyaa mas’uuliyiinta dowladda uu xilligeeda sii dhamaanayo iyo mas’uuliyiin hore oo u mucaarad u muuqda, kooxda hore waxa ay ka hadashaa wixii ay soo qabteen oo sida ay u arkaan qabyo tir u baahan, kooxda dambane waxa ay ka hadashaa qaladaadka dowladda si ay u muujiyaan in aysan u qalmin in mar kale la doorto balse, labada dhinacba ma hayaan qorshe shaqo oo haddii ay guuleystaan ah.

Istraatiijiyadda ah muujinta ceebaha murashaxa kula tartamaya oo ah mid kamid ah tabaha caalamiga ah ee olelayaasha doorshooyinka ayey murshaxiinta mucaaradka isku ekeysiiya si aad ah u isticmaalaan, iyaga oo iska illoobay in ay suuq geystaan aragtiyadooda si ay cod bixiyayaal u kasbadaan, iyada oo siyaasadda ceebeynta murashaxiinta kale ay mararka qaar galaafato hay’ado bulsho oo aan siyaasad ka shaqeyn sida hay’ada waxbarasho.

Murashaxiinta mucaaradku waxa ay ku mideysan yihiin mucaaradnimada murashaxiinta xilka mar labaad raadinaya balse iyaga dhexdooda kuma mideysna Aragti iyo musharrax qura.

Xubnaha labada Aqal ee la soo xuli doono kuwooda waddaninimadu ku dambeyso, waxaa ku adkaan doonta kala xulashada wajiyada murashaxiintaa tirada badan ee isku afka ah, taas oo u badan in ay ugu dambeynta iyaguna yagleelaan cabbirro cusub oo qabiil iyo kooxeysi noqonaya, natiijo aan Soomaalidu mahadinna soo saarta.

Waxaa habboon in masharaxiintu dib ugu laabtaan qaabka ay dadka ula hadlayaan iyo waxa ay u sheegayaan oo ay qorshayaashooda iyo waxa ay ummaadda u qabanayaan ka hadlaan, intii ay baarayaal iyo hay’ado la dagaallama musuqa isku beddeli lahaayeen.

In wajiyadu kala duwanaadaan sida hal qabsiga noqotayba kama dhigno isbedel haddiiba aad masuul dowladeed horay usoo ahayd, aragtidaada dowladnimada, qoshahaaga iyo mabaadi’daadanu aysan caddayn. Ilama ah in aad kalsooni ka heli karto ceebeynta nidaamka aad dooneysid inaad hoggaamiso.

CaliNuur Salaad

Wariye Soomaaliyeed



Twitter: @AlinurSalad