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The United Nations, African Union, European Union, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, Ethiopia, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States congratulate members of Somalia’s tenth parliament for completing the elections of their respective chambers’ speakers and deputy speakers.

Earlier this month, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari was elected Speaker of the House of the People, and Abdiweli Sheikh Ibrahim Muudeey and Mahad Abdalla Awad were voted in as First Deputy Speaker and Second Deputy Speaker, respectively. Today, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi was elected Speaker of the Upper House and Abshir Mohamed Ahmed Bukhari and Mowlid Hussein Guhad were chosen as the First and Second Deputy Speakers of that body, respectively.

The installation of the parliamentary leadership concludes an important phase of Somalia’s electoral process. International partners call for the swift formation of the Joint Ad Hoc Committee on the election of the Federal President to facilitate the holding of a presidential vote by both houses of parliament as soon as possible.

The members of Somalia’s new parliament will face a hefty and critical legislative agenda. The international community expects the two houses of parliament to maintain a positive working relationship between them and with the executive, in order to accomplish the important task of building a better Somalia. The constitutional review process should be completed without delay as a clear priority, underpinning, amongst other things, the state formation process; contributing to and building upon key decisions needed on the structure of federal security sector institutions; and promoting consensus-building and reconciliation among all Somalis.

It will also be important to review legislation the previous parliament was unable to pass, and develop new legislation required for good governance.

The new federal parliament is comprised of the most diverse group of legislators ever to take office in the country’s history. Its members now have a solemn duty to convert that achievement into positive reforms that will expand opportunities for women, youth and minorities in Somali politics and society.

“At a time when Somalia is facing multiple challenges including the drought, joblessness and insecurity, parliamentarians have the opportunity to show leadership which responds to citizens’ most basic needs,” said Michael Keating, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia.

International partners have played an important role in providing political, financial, technical and logistical support to Somalia’s electoral process from its inception, and they look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with the new federal government and parliament in the coming months and years.

At the same time, the international community wishes to stress the paramount importance of conducting a transparent, clean and credible presidential election whose outcome will be widely accepted by the people of Somalia and the international community. The abuses and malpractices that tarnished some of the parliamentary voting must be avoided at all costs. An open, orderly and fair presidential voting process will ensure the legitimacy of the new federal government at home and foster a political climate conducive to the successful completion of the many pressing tasks awaiting it during its four-year term in office.


Press Statement on the Drought Appeal

Mogadishu, 19 January 2017- The President of Somali Federal Republic, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, hold a breakfast meeting for the Arab League Ambassadors and representatives in Mogadishu with the National Drought Response Committee, which consists of FGS FMS, Civil Societies. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the drought situation and its implications on the people and their livelihoods.

The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs, Dr Yahye Ibrahim, who chairs the committee, briefed the President, the Ambassadors and representatives on the relentless drought and its severity. He informed that this devastating drought did not only affect the livestock and farming which is the livelihood of rural populations but also caused the death of our people due to insufficient rainfall in the last four seasons. It is estimated that the drought is affecting close to 5 million people and they are in need of emergency food, water and medical supplies. Records indicate that this is the worst drought in 25 years if not sixty years.

Shiekh Nur Barud Gurxan, an active committee member and respected Islamic Scholar , reinforces the message of urgency and the dire need for an emergency support to affected communities. He noted that the Arab League has continuously been supportive of the Somali people in its hour of need. We are aware of the calamities in other Arab, brotherly nations of Yemen, Libya and Syria. We wish them, but the Somali drought situation is very critical.

Speaking on behalf of the League of Arab nations. Amb Mohamed Idris welcomed the government’s initiative. He commented on the progress Somali made over the years but at the same time acknowledged the difficult it faces with this biting drought. Ambassador Idris promised that there would be a swift action for the Arab League member states to support the Somali people. He said that they don’t want to see a repeat of the 2010/11/12 drought. He also further said “Rest assured we will mobilise the Arab League member states, and we are here to work with you in your hour of need”.

The President, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, thanked the Arab League diplomatic community for attending this breakfast. The President also thanked the Committee for the excellent work they have done so far.

His Excellency, the President, reiterated that this is of the worst droughts for a long time. It hugely affected nomadic communities and those rely on subsistence farming. The vulnerable groups such as the sick, children and the elderly are dying due to hunger. The President told the gathering diplomats and other dignitaries that as a nation “we are trying to organise ourselves, and there is a local mobilisation effort underway to support those severely affected. For example, all government institutions are making financial donations. We are about to start levying extra taxes on certain commodities and services and deductions from the salaries of the civil servents”. Unfortunately, our efforts alone will not be enough. The Arab League Member States had always been supportive of the Somali people.

The President strongly requested the Arab League diplomats to engage the Arab media to inform the Arab masses of the situation of the Somali drought.

The President acknowledges the unwavering support of the International community to the Somali people; further welcoming the recent humanitarian appeal for the Somali drought.

Finally, the President sent an emergency appeal to the League of Arab Nations, Organisation of Islam Countries to positively respond to this drought appeal; your immediate intervention is critical.

Shador Haji Mohamud
Director of Media and Comms
Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia


The United Nations, African Union, European Union, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, Ethiopia, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States are concerned about the unfolding dispute within the Galmudug regional assembly and between members of the assembly and President Abdikarim Guled.

The dispute, which has led to a vote to remove the President from office, with the President and the Speaker of the assembly rejecting the vote as illegal, is potentially destabilizing.

The international partners call on all the stakeholders in Galmudug, in particular members of the regional assembly, the Speaker of the assembly and the President, to resolve the underlying issues through dialogue and refrain from resorting to any acts of violence.

The international partners call on all Somalis, including the security forces, to now focus on consolidating and building on the gains from the electoral and state-building processes and make every effort to avoid actions that could undermine the progress that is unfolding in the country.

Somalia’s Galmudug president Gulled under fire with a ‘Motion of no confidence.

President Abdikarim Hussien Gulled of the regional administration Galmudug in central Somalia faces a ‘Motion of no confidence’ in regional Parliament, regional lawmakers said Tuesday, a moved opposed by president Gulled,KNN reports.

The regional Assembly by majority of 54 passed the motion of no confidence in the weekend in Adado town and voted it Tuesday firing President Gulled  from the office.

“The ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in President Gulled was just debated”says one of the Galmudug’s lawmakers who asked to be unnamed from Adado in central Somalia.

He accused president Gulled of failing in his duties and poor leadership. “Under Gulled’s Presidency we have witnessed setbacks in the region as more and more citizens in Galmudug areas, especially our youth, have lost hope of finding good services from the goverment,”

Earlier today President Gulled told Radio Kulmiye in Mogadishu that he felt sorry with members of the Galmudug lawmakers over the ‘Motion of no confidence ‘against him, calling those members in the regional Assembly “Spoilers and anti-peace elements.

“Whatever happens in Adado regarding the so-called motion is against our constitution” said Gulled.

Gulled is a former Somali security minister and close ally of Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who is running for national presidency in his second term.

The new political crisis in central Somalia came as newly formed Somali parliamentarians are about to elect their speaker in Mogadishu in the next few days. The parliament will then elect a president for the next four years.

Nabadoon Ali Aden ” Farmaajo oo Marreexaan kala dilay miyaa Soomaali XIL KA RABA?”

 Nabadoon Ali Aden, oo ka mid ah salaadiinta dhaqanka beesha Celi/Marreexaa ayaa eedeyn ballaaran oo qabyaaladeed usoo jeediyey Maxamed Abdilahi Farmaajo.

Nabadoon Ali Aden ayaa sheegay in Farmaajo qabyaalad cad kula saftay beesha reer Siyaad Xuseen,gaar ahaan Abdishakuur Ali Mire, oo uu u dhacay kursiga beesha Celi. Taasi oo la yaab ku noqotay dad badan.

“Farmaajo waa nin qabyaaladeed, waxaana uu banaanka keenay cadaawada fog ee uu u qabo beesha Celi, isaga oo fagaaro ka sheegtay inay reer Siyaad xuseen isku yihiin Xuseen Yusuf, oo ay Celi isaga sokeeyaan” ayuu yiri Nabadoon Ali Aden.

Waxaana uu nabadoonka ayaandaro ku tilmaamay nin heerkaasi qabyaalada Marreexaan ka jooga sida uu Soomaaliweyn xil Madaxweyne uga rabo.

“Ma nin Marreexaan dhexdiisa qabyaalad iyo qurun la soo dhexgalay ayaa masiirka dalka oo dhan usoo banbixi kara? Waa xishood la’aan aan laga gaban, waxaase alle mahadiis ah inay Soomaali baratay wajiga dhabta ah ee Farmaajo”  ayuu yiri Nabadoon Ali Aden.

Dhinaca kale nabadoon Ali Aden ayaa ammaan u jeediyey Ra’iisul wasaarayaashii hore ee kala aha Saacid Farax Garaad iyo Abdiweli Shiikh Ahmed, kuwaasi oo si nadiif ah banaanka uga istaagay wax qeybsiga beelaha Marreexaan, halka uu Farmaajo noqday qabyaalad is qarin weysay.

“Saacid iyo Abdiweli waa laba nin oo sharaf aan u heyno. Waxaana taasi keentay sida ay uga dhowrsadeen falkii uu ku kacay Farmaajo. Taariikhda ayaana xusi doonto labadaasi nin”. Ayuu yiri Nabadoon Ali Aden.

Eedeynta Farmaajo ayaa timid kadib markii uu dhaqaale badan ku bixiyey sidii uu Abdishakuur Ali Mire u noqon lahaa xildhibaan qaata kursiga beesha Celi, oo uusan u dhalan. Iyaddoo arrintaasi ay wada ogyihiin baarlamaanka cusub oo dhan, kuwaasi oo qaarkood sheegay inay shaki weyn ka gelisay Farmaajo iyo waxa uu rabo.

Warbixino kale oo la xiriiro kaalintii uu Farmaajo ku lahaa musuqmaasuqa baarlamaanka, gaar ahaan wax qeybsiga beesha Marreexaan ayaa idin soo gudbin doonaa.

AKHRISO: Guddiga Doorashada Guddoonka BFS oo War deg deg ah soo saaray

Guddiga Doorashada Guddoonka Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ayaa Goordhow shaaciyey Tirada iyo Magacyada Musharaxiinta isku soo sharaxay Xilka Guddoonka Baarlamaanka.

Guddiga ayaa sheegay in la xiray liiska qabashada Araajida musharaxiinta maadaama uu dhamaaday Waqtigii loogu tala galay.

Halkan hoose ka Akhriso Magacyada Musharaxiinta isi soo sharaxay ee guddigu shaaciyey.



The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) welcomes the renewed commitments reached today by regional Presidents Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” of Puntland and Abdikarim Hussein Guled of Galmudug state to build peace and confidence in Gaalkacyo.  The meeting was held at Villa Somalia and attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) in Somalia, Michael Keating.

Regional Presidents Gaas and Guled agreed to three main points to produce a cessation of hostilities in Gaalkacyo and build confidence between the two state administrations: 1) a separation of forces through a withdrawal of forces from the disputed city and redeployment of troops to their original bases; 2) the removal of all roadblocks installed by both Puntland and Galmudug and the opening of roads to allow free movement of people and goods; and 3) the  implementation of joint training of police from both North and South Gaalkacyo to strengthen security, and build trust and cooperation between the two administrations.

Regional Presidents Gaas and Guled also agreed to meet in Gaalkacyo later this month to support the implementation of these commitments.

“This renewed commitment to peace and confidence building in Gaalkacyo is a critical step to allow a process to resolve underlying issues that are causing the conflict and to build lasting peace,” said SRSG Keating.

Massive blast rocks Mogadishu Near Airport

A huge explosion has rocked the Somali capital Mogadishu, close to the airport,  where the Amisom uses that gate

witnesses reported that two explosion targeted at Madina Gate of  the Airport, but no one can confirm how its damage but smoke had been seen and heard all the capital.

This explosion is the first explosion in the new year 2017.

we will share with detailed information of the explosion ASAP

Doorashada Somalia oo looga digay fara gelinta Beesha caalamka

Sida la ogyahay waxaa jira fara gelin siyaasadeed oo arimaha doorashooyinka ku hayaan Beesha caalamka,kuwaasi oo dano siyaasadeed ka leh dalka.

Shacabka Somaliyed ayaa ka carooday arintaan,iyagoo ku baaqay in Soomaaliya loo madax baneeyo arimaheeda doorashada.

Waxayna ku tilmaameen iney jirto gumeys danban oo ku hor daban doorashada Soomaaliya.waxayna ku baaqeen fara gelinta laga daayo Soomaaliya.

Waxaa Shacabkan sidoo kale ay ka dalbadeen Xildhibaanada cusub ee Baarlamaanka  in ay doortaan shaqsi aan u hogaansameynin amarada ka yimaada Madaxda Dowladaha Caalamka.

Dalalka Sida gaarka ah fara gelinta uga haya doorashada Soomaaliya waxaa lagu sheegay Imaaraadka Carabta,Mareynkanka,Turkiga iyo Itoobiya.

dadka Odorosa Siyaasadda ayaa qaba in haddii Somali loo madax banaaneeyo doorashada ay wax badan qabsoomi karaan,balse caqabado badani ay jiri doonaan hadii au soo socoto fara gelinta.


The United Nations, African Union, European Union, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States are gravely concerned over a number of decisions announced by the National Leadership Forum (NLF) in its communiqué dated 24 December 2016.

Today’s inauguration of the Federal Parliament represents a step forward in the electoral process. However, international partners wish to see the electoral process go forward with the existing 54 seats in the Upper House as stipulated under Somalia’s Provisional Constitution. Any further expansion of the Upper House should only be contemplated after the presidential vote has been held in the new federal parliament and implemented through a proper constitutional process.

International partners acknowledge the NLF’s communiqué of 26 December 2016 that designates five seats in the House of the People for undergoing a fresh round of voting. But this fails to address a number of other egregious cases of abuse of the electoral process, including seats reserved for women candidates only that were ultimately taken by male candidates.

The NLF’s decision to revoke all disqualifications of candidates made by the country’s electoral bodies for allegedly committing abuses and malpractices represents a blanket amnesty for some of the most blatant irregularities witnessed during this electoral process. It also contravenes the Federal Government’s solemn commitment to respect the rule of law.

If these candidates are allowed to take their seats in Somalia’s tenth parliament, it will bring into question the NLF’s expressed commitment to the principles of accountability and credibility that underpin the entire process. It will also undermine the electoral code of conduct signed by all parliamentary candidates in the spirit of leveling the playing field and ensuring the delivery of a credible process.

International partners strongly believe that elections must be re-run for seats where the voting outcomes were clearly distorted by violence, corruption, intimidation, the unauthorized substitution of electoral college delegates and a failure to set aside one of every three seats for exclusively female candidates.

International partners call on the federal parliament to issue as soon as possible a timeline for the completion of the process in order to elect the Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the new federal parliament and the Federal President. This timeline should be strictly enforced to avoid yet another postponement in an electoral process that was supposed to have finished earlier this year. There is a particular need to conclude the process swiftly in light of the UN Security Council’s upcoming meeting on Somalia that is scheduled for 19 January 2017.

International partners believe that the integrity of the 2016 electoral process hangs in the balance. More delays and a failure to hold accountable those parties who have committed serious abuses and malpractices will compromise the international community’s ability and willingness to engage with Somalia’s next federal government.