Kismaayo: Latest results on Jubaland upper house elections


Latest results of the upper house elections in Jubaland, up to now, shows that there are two winners out of four competitors.

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed Gandi was competing with Ahmed Hanshi Mohamed. After a tough contest, Mr. Ahmed Hanshi Mohamed emerged as the winner with more than forty votes while Mr. Gandi got 26 votes.

On the other hand, Abdi Mohamed Tarah who seemed to be a favorite winner got 23 votes after he faced a neck-throat competition from Mr. Hassan Farah Hujale. The winner was unexpectedly none other than Mr. Hassan Farah Hujale with more than forty votes.

Mr. Mohamed Gandi and Mohamed Tarah were the favorites that seemed to win the election, but the result was the other way round.

The next candidates are; Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Faratag and Seynab Abdi Samow.

The parliament, have submitted their votes and the winner is Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Faratag with 55 votes while Seynab Abdi Samow with 11 votes.


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